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been so bizzy communitizing that i forgot to do my lj.  its all russian now so maybe wont be free nemore. im in america to do the lugradiolive in san fransisco or san fran! theres so many peple here who i think i can get along with who can understan  swhere im coming from. i keep sneaking in mentions of metal so poepl wont guess im totally into emo.  omg badly drawn boy are americans maybe i will meet them!!!!!!!!

typed on an iPhone


everybody hates me.  i got back from the ubuntu thing in seville (its in spain!!!) and everyones hassling me because i didn't do the lugradio mix or something.  i read on the forums about maybe someone breaking into my house and stealing the recording well my dogs would have eaten you alive.  i've been training them as attack dogs to snap the ankles in two of anyone trying to touch my guitars or play with my mixer settings.  anyone touches them AND THEY DIE!  by the ankles!!


gingalingling posted something on his "real blog" really nasty today after i imed him. i was only kidding about but when he says its nice to have friends i know he's being sarky. how am i supposed to manage communiteis when i have to put up with mates like that. ive decided to play him some lordi, those finnish metal dudes with the cool costumes who won the eurovision contest last year. Should sort his emo ass out.

sun burns

it's really sunny today in the uk.  sunshine makes me feel a bit depressed, it's not very metal is it?  you don't see Cannibal Corpse releasing their latest album with a sunny meadow on the front do you?  actually that would be cool if it was one of those picture shifting covers where you move it about in front of your pace and the picture changes, you could make it sunny meadow, burnt out apocalypse, sunny meadow, burnt out apocalypse, sunny meadow, burnt out apocalypse.  ok, maybe sunshine is cool!

trust no one

i know what i've said but its all about keeping up appearances, etc.  posting this using ie7 on vista btw, this is just so much blingier than firefox.  who needs freedom when you have UAC?

o wow, anger too

this is great, tallerthanronie aka matt has got an lj now too, thats so cool.  i doubt we'll get bald one because he doesn't seem to like the internet.

Harass and stuff

people have been harassing gingalingling about his lj, this is not the way for the community to respond when a community member decides to expand his community using a social community site to go about it.  please don't hassle, it's not worth the time.

in other stuff, i'm installing a free copy of vista ultimate sent to me by the nice chaps at microsoft.  it just seems so much more put together than linux, especially ubuntu.  the good thing about lj is i can talk about my experience with it here without having people in the community call me a community turncoat or some such.  i'm putting it onto my laptop just now to see how many of my devices it detects.  if it works i'll probably install it on my old mythtv box.  it was never that good anyway but vista ultimate has all the cool media centre stuff so i can still at least watch my pantera videos, star trek and my beloved katherine hepburn movie collection.  lookin good so far, it's even found the wifi card!


gingalingling put me onto using livejournal cos it seems a much better way to talk to the community than my blog ever could.  there's so many people here i can talk to about the community.  it's like communitising a community within a community using community tools to promote community tools.  it's brill.


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